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DPS Mould Industry Ltd began in 2004 with ten employees and an unwavering focus on customer service and mouldmaking craftsmanship.

Over the years, our hard-earned reputation has allowed us to grow and respond to the needs of our customers. Value-added services have resulted in more flexibility and enhanced customer satisfaction. With the addition of DPS moulded products, we expanded into injection moulding,die-casting moulding,metal stamping,CNC precision machining& volume production. Our state-of-the-art quality inspection lab and cleanroom further broadened our capabilities. Today DPS operates in a 15,000 square-meter facility and employs high talented team members.

本公司致力于精密模具制造,成立于2004年, 主要从事注塑模具、注塑成型、压铸、五金等模具以及模内装饰产品的加工制造和产品设计, 是现代化标准厂房,厂房面积15,000平方米. 本公司采用规范的生产管理模式,拥有先进的模具加工设备和一批经验丰富的专业技术人员,具有精湛的专业技术和良好的服务态度。

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